We are girls' soccer team with Beckham!

代表連絡先/Here’s where you can reach us.
email info@spike-girlz.com

*SPIKE GIRLZは随時メンバーを募集しております。

*SPIKE GIRLZ are looking for new members.


Please send us an email to the following address with your name, affiliation and contact address.


*入部条件/Conditions of membership

-for girl players-

サッカーが好きであること。建築が好きであること。/Lovers of soccer and architecture.

-for boy players (=Backham)-

サッカー経験者であること。/Experience of playing soccer.

SPIKE GIRLZ3名の推薦付きであること。/3 recommendations from girl players in SPIKE GIRLZ.

(*推薦者なしで入部を希望される方は、オーディションにて、3名の推薦者を得られればOK/ If you haven’t gained the 3 recommendations before you apply, we will hold a try-out for you!!